Refund Policy

There is never any requirement to make any purchase of any kind to use the Service. The Service may include an opportunity to earn or purchase virtual, in-game currency, including but not limited to virtual coins, points, credits, bonuses and/or chips all for use in the Service (“Coins”) or virtual in-game items or collections (together with the Coins, “Virtual Items”). A certain number of Coins will be made available to you to collect when you log into the Service at recurring time intervals. If you exhaust your supply of Coins, you may elect to purchase additional Coins and continue to play the games through the Service, or you may wait until additional free Coins are available to you. Coins and other Virtual Items are licensed to you by us for your use through the Service, subject to the limitations and other terms set out in greater detail below.

If you wish to purchase Coins or other Virtual Items, you will be required to pay a fee using “real world” money to obtain the Virtual Items. Virtual Items do not have an equivalent “real world” money value and can never be redeemed or cashed out for “real world” money, goods, or any other item of monetary value from Gomblingo or any other party. You understand that you have no right or title in the Virtual Items appearing or originating in any Gomblingo game, whether “awarded” in a game or “purchased” from Gomblingo, or any other attributes associated with an Account or stored on the Service. Your purchase of Virtual Items is final and is not refundable, transferable or exchangeable, except in Gomblingo’s sole discretion. You may not transfer, purchase, sell, or exchange Virtual Items outside the Service, or attempt to sell, give or trade in the “real world” anything that appears or originates in the Service unless otherwise expressly authorized by Gomblingo in writing. We won’t recognize those transfers as legitimate.

Accordingly, you may not sublicense, trade, sell or attempt to sell in-game Virtual Items for “real” money, or exchange Virtual Items for value of any kind outside of a game, without Gomblingo’s written permission. Doing so is a violation of these Terms and may result in termination of your Account and/or legal action taken against you, any such transfer or attempted transfer is prohibited and void. Other than a limited, personal, revocable, non-transferable, non-sublicense able license to use the Virtual Items with the Service, you have no right or title in or to any such Virtual Items appearing or originating with the Services, or any other attributes associated with use of the Services or stored within the Services. Gomblingo retains the right to manage, regulate, control, modify and/or eliminate Virtual Items at its sole discretion, and Gomblingo shall have no liability to you or anyone for the exercise of such rights. Prices and availability of Virtual Items are subject to change without notice. In addition to the foregoing, Gomblingo may selectively remove or revoke Virtual Items associated with your Account upon its sole discretion.

Virtual Items may only be held by legal residents of countries where access to and use of the Service are permitted. Virtual Items may only be purchased or acquired from us and through means we provide on the applicable website or otherwise expressly authorize. Gomblingo does not recognize any purchases or transfers made outside of the Service on any other platform or e-commerce website, and shall not be liable for any claims or damages caused to the users with respect to Virtual Items purchased or obtained from third parties, and not through the means provided within the game. We reserve the right to refuse your request to purchase and/or acquire Virtual Items for any reason or revise the pricing for the Virtual Items at any time. You can get a limited license to Virtual Items by visiting the purchase page in one of our games, providing your billing information, confirming the particulars of your purchase and re-affirming your agreement to these Terms.

Virtual Items purchased in our games on other applications stores or platforms such as but not limited to Facebook, Apple iOS, or Android will be subject to those platforms’ payment terms and conditions. Gomblingo does not control how you can pay on those platforms and shall not be liable for processing the payment by such third parties. Please review those platforms’ terms of service for additional information. Your order for Virtual Items will represent an offer to us to obtain a limited license for the relevant service(s) or virtual in-game item(s) which will be accepted by us when we make the Virtual Items available in your account for you to use in our games or debit your credit card or other account through which you paid, whichever comes first. Your limited license to Virtual Items for use in Gomblingo games is a service provided by Gomblingo that starts when we accept your payment or redemption of third party virtual currency. When you get a limited license to use Virtual Items, they will reside in your Account until discharged through use of the Service or otherwise surrendered as a result of termination of the Service in accordance with these Terms.

You must enter your payment details to acquire Virtual Items when prompted when purchasing directly on Gomblingo websites/apps. Once you have entered your payment details to obtain Virtual Items and the transaction was approved, you will be able to acquire additional Virtual Items without re-entering your payment details, and you will be able to set a PIN Code, which will allow you to protect unauthorized purchases with the payment method(s) on file. If applicable, You can manage and edit your payment methods by adjusting the settings of your Account in the settings of the payment page for the applicable game(s). For more information, please contact: [email protected] or through the applicable support channel in the Game(s).

You agree that you will pay for all Virtual Items you purchase through the Services, and that Gomblingo may charge your payment method for any Virtual Items purchased and for any additional amounts (including any taxes and late fees, as applicable) that may be accrued by or in connection with your Account. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TIMELY PAYMENT OF ALL FEES AND FOR PROVIDING Gomblingo WITH A VALID PAYMENT METHOD FOR PAYMENT OF ALL FEES. For details of how purchases are billed for the applicable third party provider please visit: and/or . Gomblingo may change such third party provider in its sole discretion at any time. If such third party provider is modified, new terms shall apply and Gomblingo will update this provision when applicable.

When purchasing Virtual Items or other content as may be made available, you agree to pay us the applicable charges for your purchase, including applicable taxes incurred by you or anyone using an Account registered to you, using a valid charge card or other payment method we may accept in accordance with the billing terms and prices in effect at the time the fee or charge becomes payable. All sales of Virtual Items and/or other content are final. If your Account is charged for items you did not purchase, or you did not receive the items you purchased, or you were charged an incorrect amount, you may request a refund or correction in accordance to payment provider policy. Any refund request must be received within 96 hours from the time of purchase in order for refunds to be issued in accordance to payment provider policy. Refund requests past 96 hours from time of purchase will be honored according only in accordance to our payment policy.

Other than charges to your Account, you agree to notify us about any billing problems or discrepancies within 30 days after they first appear on your Account statement. If you do not bring them to our attention within 30 days, you agree that you waive your right to dispute such problems or discrepancies. You are responsible for and agree to reimburse us for all reversals, charge-backs, claims, fees, fines, penalties and other liability incurred by us (including costs and related expenses) that were caused by or arising out of payments that you authorized or accepted. You understand that we may suspend or terminate your Account if for any reason a charge you authorize us to make to your credit card or other method of payment cannot be processed or is returned to us unpaid and, if such event occurs, you shall immediately remit to us payment for such charge through an alternative payment method.

You acknowledge that Gomblingo is not required to provide a refund for any other reason, and that you will not receive money or other compensation for unused virtual items when an Account is closed, whether such closure was voluntary or involuntary, or whether you made a payment through, applications stores or another platform such as but not limited to Apple, Google, Facebook, or any other sites or platforms where we offer our Service. All Virtual Items are forfeited by You if your Account is terminated or suspended for any reason, in Gomblingo’s sole and absolute discretion, or if the Service is no longer available. If your Account, or a particular subscription for the Service associated with your Account, is terminated, suspended and/or if any Virtual Items are selectively removed or revoked from your Account, no refund will be granted, no Virtual Items will be credited to you or converted to cash or other forms of reimbursement.

You agree that all sales of Virtual Items to you are final, and we have no obligation to refund any transaction once it has been made. You agree that when you purchase a Virtual Item, you request immediate performance – that is you request that Virtual Item to be delivered to you as soon as your order has been accepted. If you live in a county in the European Economic Area or in the United Kingdom, this means that you will lose your statutory right to withdraw from your purchase of a Virtual Item and the associated terms as soon as you access and use that Virtual Item. If, for any reason, you are refunded for a purchase of a Virtual Item, then we may also revoke your access to that Virtual Item. We may (i) refuse a request for a refund, (ii) suspend or cancel payment of a refund we have agreed to make, and (iii) revoke your access to a Virtual Item to which that refund relates, if we find evidence of fraud, abuse or other manipulative behaviour by you.


Where Gomblingo offers a subscription to a recurring payment plan for Services including Virtual Items, you agree that by purchasing a subscription, you request immediate performance – that is you request us to commence the subscription as soon as your initial payment is processed. Your subscription will automatically renew in the time period selected by you without notice until you cancel. You authorize us to store your payment method and to automatically charge your payment method every time period you selected until you cancel. We will automatically charge you the then-current rate for your plan, plus applicable taxes every charging cycle upon renewal until you cancel.

Gomblingo may change your plan’s rate for the time period selected by you for the renewal term, and we will notify you of any rate change with the option to cancel. If the applicable taxes (or other included tax or duty) changes during your term, we will accordingly adjust the tax-inclusive price for your plan on your next billing date. We may also change the items or services included in your subscription in our sole discretion.

If your primary payment method fails we may suspend your subscription. You can edit your payment information anytime in the payment page settings.

Your payment method may be charged $1 (or another nominal charge) which will be refunded within 3-5 business days. This charge is to validate your payment method only.

Cancellation Terms
You can cancel your subscription anytime in the Payments settings page of the applicable game. Your already processed payment is non-refundable, and your subscription service will continue until the end of that billing period.

Right of Withdrawal

If you live in a county in the European Economic Area or in the United Kingdom, then at any time within 14 days following your purchase of a subscription, you may withdraw from that purchase. This right of withdrawal will expire at the end of this 14 day period.

This right of withdrawal does not apply to renewals of an existing subscription and does not apply to the purchase of Virtual Items.

To withdraw from a subscription, you must send a clear written communication of your decision before the end of the 14 day withdrawal period.

If you purchased the subscription through a third-party retailer (like Apple or Google), then you should send this communication to them and they will carry out this refund. You can request a refund from Apple (here) and you can request a refund form Google (here).

I/We hereby give notice that I/We withdraw from my/our contract for the purchase of the following services:*

– Ordered/ received on*:

– Name of consumer(s):

– Address of consumer(s):

– Signature of consumer(s): (only required if this form is notified on paper)

– Date:

(*) Delete where appropriate.

If you withdraw from the purchase of a subscription made directly through us, then within 14 days from the day on which we receive notice of your decision to withdraw, we will refund to you all payments received from you for that purchase.

We will refund you using the same means of payment as you used for the purchase, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. We won’t charge you any fees as a result of this refund.

When you purchase a subscription you request us to commence performance of the subscription immediately. It follows that if you withdraw from the purchase of a subscription, then you are only entitled to a refund that is proportionate to the period of the subscription you haven’t used. For example, if you have received the subscription for three days before your request to withdraw, you will be entitled to a refund for the full period of the subscription, minus a proportionate amount for those three days.

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